February 19, 2023by Prominis

Sara Wolk, NP Primary Care Practitioner Joined Our Practice

Dear Patients

We are happy to announce that Sara Wolk, NP primary care provider in family medicine has joined our practice.

NP Wolk received her professional degree from Drexel University in Philadelphia. Her professional experience has been wide-ranging: Georgetown University Hospital in Washington DC, University of California San Diego Health, among others.

Sara Wolk is an impassionate believer in the importance of primary care and its role in preventing illness, improving chronic medical conditions and treating the acutely ill. She is known for her excellent clinical knowledge, thoroughness and dedication to the care of her patients.

NP Sara Wolk is practicing at our Park Slope Brooklyn (37 5th Avenue Tel: 718-802-1110) and Clinton Hill Brooklyn (332 Dekalb Ave Tel: 718-852-5252) locations.

Please join us in welcoming Sara Wolk to our practice. Please feel free to call any of the offices, or email (info@prominis.com) us for an appointment. You can also schedule an appointment with her via our website www.prominis.com


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