September 17, 2021by Prominis

Dr Alshalabi, neurologist and primary care physician

We are happy to announce that Dr Munther Alshalabi neurologist and primary care physician joined our practice.

Dr Alshalabi received his MD degree from Damascus University. His professional training and practice includes both primary care and neurology in prominent institutions sucn as University of Nebraska Multiple Sclerosis program, Thomas Jefferson University Hospital and Cornell University Graduate School of Medicine. He has published in academic journals and presented at medical scientific meetings.

Dr Alshalabi is fluent in English and Arabic.

In addition to his academic credentials, Dr Alshalabi has vast experience in both primary care and neurology. His passion for patient care, and for the betterment of the health of his patients made him choose to practice in both of these areas.

Dr Alshalabi will be able to treat the entire range of acute and chronic primary care conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, heart conditions, lung, stomach, joint and other ailments. In addition to that he will see patients for neurological conditions for example: • Epilepsy • Neuropathy • Multiple sclerosis • Migraine • Stroke • Alzheimer’s Disease • Parkinson’s Disease • Cerebral Palsy • Spinal cord injury • Foot drop • Bell’s palsy

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